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Your favourite bands on stage
Concert calendar

Your favourite bands on stage

The concert repertoire at Bania is quite impressive, indeed. It’s a fusion of tradition and modernity in one. Come to see your favourite bands and discover those slightly less known, immersed in the folk music and bustling with addictive energy!

Concert calendar
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Our Guests

  • Tymon Tymański – a Polish composer, Singer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, creator of the “yass” notion. Founder and leader of many music bands: Kury, Tymon i Trupy, the Users, Jazz Out and many more. Awarded by the President of Gdańsk for his contribution to culture.
  • Voo Voo – a legendary band playing a unique fusion of folk and rock with lots of improvisation. Often cooperates with the band called Trebunie Tutki. Recently, they enriched their music with such modern genres as drum&bass, hip-hop or nu jazz.
  • Zakopower - the most popular and liked Polish band playing highland folk. Winners of many awards such as Fryderk and Superjedynka Awards. All of their albums have enjoyed enormous popularity so far.
  • Gooral – famous for creating the Psio Crew band. After the first CD, Szumi Jawor Sound System, he started his solo career, publishing the album titled Etno Elektro and Better Place as well as the mega-popular single Karczmareczka. Gives concerts on the biggest festival stages of the world. His music is used in the commercials of Heineken Opener and Coke Live. During the Woodstok festival, he gathered a record audience.
  • Sidney Polak – a Polish singer, copyrighter, musician and composer as well as music producer, sound engineer, radio journalist, artist unifying pop, hip-hop, reggae and folk.
  • Future Folk – a band playing electro-dance music with elements of highland folk. Half-finalists of the TV show Must Be The Music, laureates of the TRENDY contest during the 12th TOPtrendy Sopot Festival.
  • Trebunie Tutki – a family from Biały Dunajec with a long music history. First, a folk band, then a famous music group performing on the stages of the biggest music festivals in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • InoRos – a band created in 2006, playing pop with folk rock, finalist of the second edition of the TV show Must Be The Music.
  • Jazgot – they leave nobody indifferent to their art, virtuosi playing with sound. So many inspirations hidden in their music, carrying it from the Biały Dunajec river up to the Danube.
  • Kapela Hanki Wójciak – Hanka Wójciak’s Band – their leader, Hanka Wójciak, is both a singer, copyrighter and an amateur – composer, journalist of the Music Editorial Staff of Radio Kraków and the culture quarterly Liry-Dram, a true highlander from Zakopane. Their debut album “Znachorka” is recommended by Muniek Staszczyk.
  • Siwy Dym – created in the spring 2000. Members changed during all of these years, but the leaders are still the band’s founders – Piotr Majerczyk and Grzegorz Pintscher. Both gentlemen have a long music experience in the scope of folk songs, yet are not afraid to touch the newest trends either. With a great success, they can combine folk with other genres.
  • Kapelanka – a music project created by a group of friends from Zakopane and Częstochowa. Six people, six different temperaments in one, but constantly evolving sound based on indie pop, electro, dubstep, groove and jazz.
  • Folk Power – a group of friends from the region of Pieniny, inspired by highland, Balkan, Slovak, gypsy and Hungarian music enriched with some modern sounds in arrangements more pleasant to your ear than the traditional folk music in its purest form.
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