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Anielsko Zone

SPA Etiquette

Price list and Regulations SPA Etiquette


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Leisure and relaxation Leisure and Relaxation

7 treatment parlours

Sielsko Anielsko

It’s a pure oasis of relaxation. Kingdom of beauty for your body and soul. The Anielsko Zone (Angelic Zone) consists of 7 treatment parlours, including one reserved for couples.

There is also a library at your disposal. But the true visiting card of this place are our high quality cosmetics and experts, dedicating all of their lives to your comfort.

Harmony of Body and Soul

Destiny calls us to restores your internal balance, lost somewhere on the way of everyday struggles. We’re no fairies, though, impossible stays impossible. All we want to make you feel healthy and beautiful again.

With our kind help and care, your vital forces will come back, and your mind will finally set free from any nasty thoughts. Sielsko Anielsko is located in the very heart of nature, pure and untouched by man, just within your reach.

Let the Mother Nature take good care of you!

Dotyk Anioła – our own cosmetic brand.

Take your "Dotyk Anioła („Touched by an Angel”) cosmetics home and enjoy Sielsko Anielsko even longer. Enjoy their softness and richness at your home!


The Saunarium at the Bania Thermal Baths consists of five extraordinary saunas, a cooling pool and a pool with thermal water. On a regular basis, sauna sessions are held here – both theme ones, as well as aromatherapeutic and classic.

Sielsko Anielsko Wellness & Spa Anielsko Zone Regulations


  1. Please come to the SPA Reception 10 minutes before your treatment begins.
  2. If you fail to come and do not cancel your treatment min. 6 hours in advance, you will be charged with 50% of the treatment value.
  3. And if you are late, your treatment duration will be shortened.
  4. SPA is a silent zone. For this reason, please:
    • do not use mobile phones
    • do not smoke tobacco
    • do not drink alcohol
    • do not use drugs during your stay here
  5. People having open wounds and skin inflammations, with symptoms of illness indicating potential danger for the other Guests and employees of the SPA zone, with poor hygiene will not be allowed to enter.
  6. We also reserve the right to cease a treatment if the Guest’s behaviour turns out improper (aggression, sexual offers, etc.).
  7. On the SPA premises, dogs and other animals are prohibited.
  8. People violating the public order or the SPA regulations will be removed from the object without having the cost returned.
  9. Footwear change in the changing room is compulsory.
  10. For better results of the treatments, please:
    • do not eat generous meals one hour before the treatment,
    • using pools, sauna or Jacuzzi before the treatment and not the other way around,
    • avoid sunbathing before and after the treatment,
    • inform your therapist about all the medications, illnesses and eventual contraindications.
  11. Remember to inform the SPA employees about all faults, problems etc. having an impact on your stay at the leisure centre.
  12. The SPA zone is a silent and comfort area.
  13. People violating the rule can be asked to leave.
  14. Taking advantage of the Sielsko Anielsko is available to people above the age of 15.
  15. You may enter the Sielsko Anielsko Wellness & SPA after having booked it in advance or having purchased a free service and making the necessary payment according to the price list being currently in force.
  16. Sielsko Anielsko Wellness & SPA may change the opening hours of the whole complex or its chosen parts at any time.
  17. All the Guests of the Sielsko Anielsko Wellness & SPA at the Bania Hotel**** are obliged to abide by the regulations.
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