Area 40 m2
U-shape 14
Meeting 18

A business meeting with the ski lift panorama in the background? Should it sound appealing to you, choose the elegant conference hall in the Zielony Szałas (Green Hut), located right at the Bania Hotel.

These interiors are destined for smaller meetings at the shared table. Thus, if you are looking for a quiet and discrete place, this one is for you. Trainings or consultations for smaller groups – the Green Hut and nothing else in the world!

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Other conference rooms

venue item photo
  • Max. 6 people
  • 19 m2
Ideal for a smaller meeting or a quick briefing. It can be used as a dressing room for artists perfo...
  • 6
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venue item photo
  • Max. 10 people
  • 46 m2
Comfortable and fully equipped. This room is recommended for prestigious training courses.
  • 10
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venue item photo
  • Max. 22 people
  • 63 m2
In addition to its excellent facilities, the room offers access to the terrace in the hotel’s inner ...
  • 22
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venue item photo
  • Max. 12 people
  • 40 m2
A multi-purpose room that is tailor-made for meetings and training sessions. As it is directly conne...
  • 12
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venue item photo
  • Max. 650 people
  • 1350 m2
Bania Conference Center was designed to host every type of event – from a small meeting to a grand b...
  • 650
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venue item photo
  • Max. 141 people
  • 148 m2
With the main room divided into three sections, your conference space is provided with the highest q...
  • 141
  • 52
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