Three Crowns Conference Hall

260 m2
max 350 per.

Named after the most popular peak of the Pieniny Mountains. The largest conference hall at the Bania Hotel with the widest palette of options to choose from.

The spacious interiors of the Three Crowns Hall (Trzy Korony Hall) will suit all kinds of events just perfectly. Typical architecture of the region and beautiful views outside the windows – how could anyone ask for more? The hall can be divided into three independent conference halls, just like the peak part of Trzy Korony Mountain is divided into three separate crags. Soundproof walls will guarantee peace and quiet for all the meetings running in all the three rooms simultaneously. And all of them provide the necessary equipment. The Trzy Korony Hall is located on the lobby level, therefore, it is easily accessible and allows the event to run smoothly. Your Guests are welcomed by the subreception, showing them the way to the meeting room. And during coffee breaks, we set the comfy Lobby Bar at your disposal.

Trzy Korony Hall - Nad Ogródki

To the northern west of the central Okrąglica Crag, there is the massive Nad Ogródki Crag. Our hall, named after this summit, is large enough for 120 people seated in the conference style. It is well-adjustable, bright and spacious, beautifully decorated with a wall of natural stone. Perfect for a small conference or a training. Quite an important thing to mention here is the option of going directly outside, for instance during a coffee break in the open air to crown your meeting with style.

Trzy Korony Hall - Okrąglica

Located in the central part of the Trzy Korony Mountain, the Okrąglica Crag is in fact the right Summit of the very mountain (982 m a.s.l.) Just like the peak, our Okrąglica also stands in the middle of the Trzy Korony Complex. It is perfect for smaller meeting, also for your closest co-workers. There are 60 seating places available in the conference style. By opening the wall on both sides, you get brand new arrangement possibilities.

Trzy Korony Hall - Płaska Skała

Płaska Skała is the eastern Summit of the Trzy Korony Mountain which can be perfectly seen during your canoeing trip on the Dunajec river. At the Bania Hotel, it makes the key part, like a crown to the Trzy Korony Hall. In the conference style, it is large enough for 90 people. If you connect halls, the main screen with the OHP will be here. And also the presidium of the conference is mostly organizer here. Behind this hall, there is a control room used for more demanding events.

Available configuration

Trzy Korony 350 200 60 70 260 m2 max 350 per.
Nad Ogródki 120 80 30 40 100 m2 max 120 per.
Okrąglica 60 20 20 20 60 m2 max 60 per.
Płaska Skała 90 50 25 25 100 m2 max 90 per.

Room facilities

Monitor FullHD 65"
Camcorder Full HD
Audio system with DSP processor
Wireless microphones
Access to WiFi
Three Crowns Conference Hall
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