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Gwarancja najniższej ceny!

najniższej ceny!

Animations for children

lato 2021 Program animacji

W sezonie letnim nasi animatorzy dostepni są codzinnie w godzinach od 10:00 do 18:00. W tym czasie prowadzone są kreatywne zajęcia z najmłodszymi. Program jest bardzo zróżnicowany - zaczynając od manualnych aktywności plastycznych, przez warszaty kulinarne aż po zajęcia sportowe organizowane w zewnętrznym Ogrodzie Zabaw. Dodatkowo organizujemy pokazy kina nocnego dla dzieci, występy teatrzyku oraz zajęcia z robotyki. Tu naprawdę nie można się nudzić!

Aktualny program animacji dostępny jest w recepcji hotelowej.

Myriad of attractions Animations for your Little Ones


Kino Bajka (Fairytale Cinema)

There’s something absolutely fantastic for our little Cinema fans! Known and loved cartoons on a big screen every single day! Can you imagine? And if you really love animations, you just need to visit our house on the tree where films for the youngest kids are shown all day long.

The Fairytale Cinema will be perfect for a cosy evening with your family. After the whole day of adventures and fun, a moment of relaxation is like pure gold. A comfy armchair, a funny storyline and many, many kids – how could anyone ask for more? Films are shown in the high season (summer and winter) and during weekends.

Little cooks

Cooking, cutting, preparing a meal and a feast to crown it all! The title of the Master Chef Junior is within your reach!

No matter if you’re a toddler or a slightly older child, you will still have a whale of a time here. The menu depends on the season – fruit salad, cookies, canapes and other delicacies. In the summer, we cook in the rotunda in front of the hotel. And when the winter comes, we move to the VIP Hall and create true masterpieces of the culinary art.

Little Bartender

The Little Bartender mixes, shakes, pours and decorates – so the beverage called baba is created. Every child can make their own mix. The schedule includes also dancing, so be prepared, Little Discoverers!

The Little Bartender Workshops give you the perfect opportunity to visit the Bania Club. Apart from the juice experiments and bartender training, you can also dance to the merry sounds and light illuminations.

Hiking and biking

Let’s explore Podhale together!

Enjoy our trips! The picturesque Białka River or “rocks” are famous for their stunning views!

Animations with highland soul

Meeting with the culture of Podhale.

Sheep, highlanders, cheese… that’s barely the beginning.

Your highland adventure will take place both on the premises of the Bania Hotel and the whole complex.

Sport as fun

Let’s play together!

We have lots of balls, perfect sport fields and so much energy which we want to use for playing!

If we combine it with thermal pools, we’ll create an offer simply ideal for the whole families!

Perfect hotel for family

Perfect hotel for family

The Hotel provided many attractions, even on rainy days so that children are not bored (special zone for kids, yoga, sauna, folk concerts etc.). I do recommend this place!

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